I’m Ifeoma.

HR Professional, writer, personal reinvention advocate and podcast host dedicated to helping you cultivate the confidence and skills you need to share your greatness with the world. 

Explore every inch of this site and you’ll find out just how mindful I’ve been of your unique journey and how committed I am to being your cheer leader and guide as you relentlessly pursue your purpose.

The Success Smoothie Podcast is my special way of investing into your greatness.

Each episode is a healthy serving of actionable insights guaranteed to help you become better, wiser and wealthier – if you’d apply them.

When interviewing guests on the show, I relentlessly probe them to uncover the mindset, decisions, habits, tools, and resources that led to their success, so you and I can learn to do likewise and become likewise.

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Samson Usman

I love the deep insight and simple way you delivered the idea of mentorship. You not only made me rethink some of my ‘whys?’ behind my previously chosen mentors, but also sent me on a quest for new ones.

David Dokun

John Maxwell Certified Speaker

Wow! Rich and enriching content. And the delivery? Excellent!

Oyerinde Mary

Waoooo, the training answered all my questions... Thanks Ify.