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On each episode I feed you a healthy serving of actionable insights to help you become better, wiser and wealthier.

Can I Be Married*


Is a fully Biblical, highly practical, deliberately frank and humorously relatable book that answers all the questions that Christian singles are too shy to ask but very eager to know about singleness, sex and marriage.

The Loveology


On my book tour, I asked several married people what they wish they knew before they got married. Click below to get the full scoop from my event in Lagos.


The Why.

The Success Smoothie Podcast is my special way of investing into your greatness.

Each episode is a healthy serving of actionable insights guaranteed to help you become better, wiser and wealthier – if you’d apply them.

When interviewing guests on the show, I relentlessly probe them to uncover the mindset, decisions, habits, tools, and resources that led to their success, so you and I can learn to do likewise and become likewise.

I’m dedicated to helping you achieve measurable success in all areas of your life and this podcast is the proof of my commitment. Do take a listen and don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe!

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I’m ifeoma.

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Be sure to enjoy every resource I saved on here just for you, cos they’re all designed to help you become better, wiser and wealthier.

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Jemila Kpanja


I have read many books on marriage but Can I Be Married Already?! is so refreshing, informative, hitting the core of my inner struggles with being single and at the same time, a beloved daughter of the most high.

Wole Emmanuel


Can I be Married Already?! is an easy to read book that helps one to know what God really says about the purpose of marriage and how to maximize one's single-hood before marriage.

Laju Iren


Ifeoma’s book is so excellent in content and delivery that I am tempted to say I couldn’t have done a better job myself as regards the subject matter.

Ekoh-Chukwukelu C. Emmanuel

Architect & Writer

I recommend this book to the singles in the conceptual stage..., and to the parents, guardians and counsellors who would need the knowledge herein for the purposes of encouragement, training, and guidance.


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