Volunteerism And Your Next Career Move (Part 1)

Dear young professional, are you currently considering making a career switch? Has it dawned on you, that your natural skills, gifts and or current interests are better suited to another department in your organization or elsewhere, and you’re wondering how you can position yourself to be able to apply for openings in that other department/career path?

If yes, then I’ll like to advise that you begin now to look out for volunteering opportunities both within and outside your current organization, that gives you an avenue to use your skills in this other area and thus build the required “work experience” that you’ll need to prove your ability to meet the demands of the new role you now desire.

Volunteering can be your way of building the career muscles you need to lift new weights as you advance in your career. I hope you seize the opportunities that come your way.

Cheers to your success #careertipwednesday

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