What To Do When You Can’t Find Work To Do

For months I’ve been ruminating over the thoughts I’d love to share in my second book. And like every idea that we ruminate over, my conviction about the importance of what I want to say grows as my attention is drawn not only to the problem but to the answers to that problem which stand hidden from a large segment of those who need those answers.

But while I leave you to guess what my second book will be about 😀 I’ll tell you one thing you must do when you can’t find work to do – and that is… FIND WORK. Yes, FIND WORK cos even when you can’t find a job, there’s always work. So again I say, FIND WORK even if it’s work for which you would not be paid, and do it heartily. Why? 

1. You’re better off working for FREE, applying your knowledge, acquiring new skills and forging new relationships, than you are, sitting home, applying for jobs online, mindlessly surfing the internet and then feeling sad about how far behind your peers you’re falling. No knowledge is lost and even when you don’t get paid now, you can always add the experience you gained working for FREE as part of your CV, which would, in turn, strengthen your chances to land the job based on your ‘proven experience’.

2. Some openings never make it online. They’re usually filled internally or through the personal networks of staff. Hence, working for FREE in an Organisation increases the likelihood that you’d be considered for a position that others outside the organization didn’t know existed. So don’t lose hope. Just make the most of what you’ve got at the moment.



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