Hid WITH Christ IN God: As inspired by food


boiled egg in shell 2

JEROME: Guy. Are you going to eat that egg or should I help you?

DANIEL: Hungry man. You’re never satisfied with your own food. Free me joor

JEROME: I’m only asking. After all, you’ve just been staring at the egg instead of peeling it. Who knows if the Holy Spirit just ministered to you to stop eating boiled eggs?

DANIEL: See your mouth.

JEROME: I was only asking. So what’s up? Why were you admiring the egg?

DANIEL: I wasn’t.

JEROME: Yes you were. Or what else would you call what you were doing? Meditating?

DANIEL: (laughing) you know? Maybe I was. Lately, whenever I see boiled eggs I can’t help but be reminded of how well protected I am in Christ.

JEROME: Eggs? You? Protected? What’s the relationship?

DANIEL: Colossians 3 verse 3…”For you died and your life is now hidden WITH Christ IN God”


DANIEL: Chill. Guy. I’ve not finished sharing the ‘rev’ yet.

JEROME: O.K oh. Oya finish

DANIEL: As a believer, I’m the egg yolk that’s hidden in Christ- who himself is the egg white/albumen and God the father is the egg shell

JEROME: And so?

DANIEL: You still don’t get it? And so…. Just the same way nothing reaches the egg yolk until it has broken through the egg’s shell and albumen…

JEROME: hmmnn……… so also nothing can touch the believer until it can pass through God the father and then Jesus Christ.

DANIEL: Good. And since nothing; no sickness or disease or demonic attack can ‘pass through God or harm Him….

JEROME: You and I are protected forever….Wow!!! I like. I like. Nice one.

DANIEL: It’s God oh. Was just meditating on that scripture a few days ago when the analogy hit me. Isn’t the Holy Spirit awesome?

JEROME: Yes He is. Hmmnnnn…… Man of God!!! You go fear ‘rev’ on top of food nah. But you make sense though.

DANIEL: Tell me about it.

JEROME: But will you still be eating that egg? It’s God the father, Jesus and yourself oh…(laughing)

DANIEL: You this boy….(laughing)


So the next time you see a boiled egg, I hope it reminds you (the believer) of how well protected you are as a child of God. No ebola or curse or satanic attack of any kind can reach you because they’d have to go through God and Jesus first. Your life is hid WITH Christ IN God. Shalom!!


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