LET US PRAY 1/11/14

imageDear heavenly Father,

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!! Its the beginning of a new month and I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you for being you-ever present, ever faithful, ever reliable & ever sufficient. Thank you Lord for the privilege of being alive cos not everyone who saw the beginning of the year 2014, is alive to see the month of November. Thank you also for health. Without it I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the abundant life Jesus died to give me. So thank you and thank you again.

Father, thank you also for every day and every month in this year so far. Looking back at my list of expectations at the beginning of the year, I can see just how much you’ve exceeded my expectations. Though its true that I haven’t seen the physical manifestations of all my requests, I thank you cos I know those requests have already been granted plus you’ve also added to me this year, blessings which weren’t even on my ‘List’. So in that sense, you dear Father have exceeded my expectations already and I sure thank you for that.

As I whisper this prayer in your ears Lord, my heart pours over with a joy that’s a pure mix or gratitude and anticipation. Gratitude over all you’ve done and anticipation for what I’m sure you’re set to do in the next 2-months.

Psalms 65:11 keeps ringing in my spirit “You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance (NIV). It says ‘you crown‘, which means it’s your style, its your nature, its in your character to crown, complete and end the year for your people with ‘bountiful harvest‘. Whoohoo!! Lord I thank you for bountiful harvest for I, my family, my friends and your church. A harvest of open doors. A harvest of lost souls. A harvest of undeserved blessings. A harvest of long awaited testimonies. A harvest of miracles and a harvest of abundant provision.

The second part of Psalm 65:11 stirs me up even further. It says even the hard pathways overflow with abundance. This means ‘even’ in those areas of my life that have hitherto been hard, unyielding & unfruitful, I can expect that as you crown the year for me with your goodness, even those paths will overflow (I love that word) with abundance. Awesome!! Thank you then Lord for overflowing abundance in this later part of the year.

So Father, as I try to end this, I say another thank you and ask you for only two things 🙂 1. Please help me be more attentive to your voice and 2. Engrace me to be more ready to obey your leading. I ask you  for these 2 specific things cos I’ve been reminded in recent weeks that all my blessings are just an obedience away. One more thing Lord for my friends getting married today-Pst Emmanuel and Laju getting married today, spoil them with ur favor and multiply your abundant grace upon them and the ministry you’ve committed to their care, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Yours truly



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