Living Sober


“But you are not in [given up to the power of] darkness, brethren, for that day to overtake you by surprise like a thief. For you are all sons of light and sons of the day, we do not belong either to the night or to darkness. Accordingly then, let us not sleep. as the rest do, but let us keep wide awake (alert, watchful, cautious, and on our guard) and let us be sober (calm, collected, and circumspect).

1 Thess 5:4-6 (AMP)

“Ma are you sure of what you’re telling me?” ‘Ah ah, of course I’m telling you the truth. What reason would I have to lie when I know that Jesus can come at anytime’.

It had only been an innocent exchange with a now faceless stranger, but after our short encounter I found myself thinking about where the thought of Jesus coming suddenly, had come from. Had I really been letting the thought of His sudden return keep me from disobeying His instructions? or did I just say that absent ‘mindedly’ because I wasn’t sure what more to say? Whatever the case though, i’ve found myself thinking about how important it is for each and every child of God to keep the thought of Christ’s possible return at any minute in the fore front of our hearts in order to help us live truly sober lives.

According to our anchor scripture, to live a sober life is to live life calm, collected and circumspect. It also means to live a temperate, self-controlled and disciplined life (1Tim 3:2 AMP). Considering that the Holy spirit is the one who empowers us to exercise self control (Gal 5:22), living a sober life therefore also means to live under the influence of God’s holy spirit rather than under the influence of our fleshly and earthly desires. However, not only does scripture teach us to live sober lives, it also tells us one way by which to do so- by living our lives constantly aware of the fact that we would at any minute, give an account to our heavenly father for our thoughts and actions.

Think about it. How does the thought of Jesus appearing at the very moment you’re thinking, saying or doing something make you feel. Well, if you’re a child of God, I’m guessing it sort of sobers you up. Just thinking about Jesus being physically present with you reminds you of the truth that Jesus has very clear expectations from you and He’s watching to see whether or not you live up to His expectations. In addition, thinking about the possibility that Christ could turn up any second, I believe sobers us (i.e helps us live calm, circumspect and temperate lives) by reminding us that if we did choose to disobey God’s instructions, we may not have an opportunity to repent of your misdemeanor because Jesus would have already caught us in the act leaving us with no opportunity to ask for forgiveness.

Having said all this, it isn’t God’s intention that we live paralyzed by fear at the thought of missing His will but rather, that we fill our hearts with His word and hearken diligently to the leading of His Spirit so that our thoughts, words and actions naturally align with His perfect will. Whenever we choose to fill our minds with every other earthly concerns rather than with God’s word, we slowly but surely become like the unsaved who ‘sleep walk through life’ oblivious of the fact that they’ll be called to account for their actions at any time. However, since you and I know differently, this article should serve as a reminder to give more thought to honoring God even in the smallest details of our lives.  That’s simply what a sober lifestyle entails. Shalom!!

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