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Dear New Creation,

In the face of adversity we are not as helpless to the forces of nature and the spirit as we think we are. We have only refused to come into the fullness of the knowledge of all we are capable of. The history of the new creature is filled with stunning examples of man’s ability to dominate even the most daunting of circumstances. Be it natural or supernatural.

Abraham and Sarah disregarded the time of life to conceive in old age. Moses moved natural water apart into two walls of water. Defying gravity and creating a landmark highway through the sea. Without a bore hole or drilling equipment, water broke through the strata of the earth to flow out of a rock against the move of gravity. Joshua instructed nature to be on hold as the earth stood still for part of a day and the sun and moon were subdued. Caleb defied age weakness to capture a city in old age.

Elijah changed the weather pattern for 42 calendar months, called down controlled fire and out ran a creature of speed by nature. He and his servant Elisha parted waters to walk on dry ground as the need arose. David by the spirit of God took apart wild beasts and men like little lambs. Daniel tamed a beast with no prior training or bodily harm. Mary bypassed the laws of natural child conception. How awesome that this was carried out by ordinary men and women that the bible calls of like passion.

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They had fears, insecurities, weaknesses, shortcomings, families, daily lives but in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds or at the words of a divine assignment they took on the mantle of one with dominion and authority. Beings of dust but with the power of divinity.

Even Jesus our perfect example, whose workmanship we are, defied the nature of matter to not multiply on its own. He rewrote the natural process of a fig tree. He destroyed the genetic code of sickness and disease. Upturned the weather forecast and stilled a storm. Disproved the natural predictions of seasoned fishermen and finally dismantled the laws of sin and death, replacing it with the law of the spirit of life.

To top it off he then goes ahead to proclaim that the works of unfathomable human reasoning and ability which he performed are ours by right and assignment to perform and even greater both numerically, in quality and diversity are we equipped to do. The only criteria is “simply believe” and “in my name”.
How awesome. We are not as powerless as we think we are.

There is no point in believing one part of the bible and ignoring the other. The Bible is complete. The Bible is relevant and the Bible is current. If God can do it then, he can do it now. His power is not diminished and his ability is not hindered by the times. If you will accept the New Testament, you must accept the old. It’s the same word from God.

You will accept God as the God of salvation, so you might as well accept him as the God of the miraculous. God healed throughout the word from the old to the new and he has not stopped. He is yet to stop making the barren fruitful. He hasn’t given up on providing in supernatural ways for his people. He hasn’t lost the ability to deliver from dens, flames and sieges, no matter the form in which it takes now. If you must believe in God, believe his word. And if you must believe the word, accept it in its entirety.



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Written by: Adeyemi Adeoluwa

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Twitter: @ify_ngozikaa

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  • vicky

    The ‘ONLY WAY’ men can do and achieve all this is by the infilling of the holy spirit, our helper and the spirit of trith,its through him alone that such powers exit alone, as jesues said, ‘I WILL SEND YOU A HELPER,THE SPITIT OF TRITH, HE WILL GIVE TO YOU WHAT IS MINE…AND WHAT IS MINE BELONGS TO THE FATHER……… therefore i believe that we all must daily cry out,(rend our hearts, as the prophet joel said) for the infilling of the holy spirit. its one thing to drink in the holy spirit at salvation, but it is another to be soaked in him, as the servant of God myles munroe ones said. (his teaching on the holy spitit, available on youtube),i am currently reading a book tittled GOD’S GENERAL,it tells of men of power who walked and worked in the power of the holy spirit in the late 18th and early 19th century (if i could say men of our time,this book in itself is stirring my spirit man so much, so as you said the power of God is the same yesterday tody and forever and we can’t seprate the old testament from the new as it was the same ‘SPIRIT OF GOD’ that was at work in each mine the only diffrence is that we are living in the time of the prophesy of joel 2 (the outpouring of God’s spirit on all flesh). SHALOM

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