Say Cheese : – )


I mean it… Say cheese!! 😉

Take a minute to imagine the life of the child in the picture. Born in the slum. Surrounded by poverty. Rising to hunger. Living in want. And sleeping in filth. At first glance, having no hope in the future. Yet, she finds a reason to smile.

Now, compare your ‘image‘ of her life to the truth about yours. Since you’re reading this on your phone, tablet or computer, I can say that you are in a far better economic position than she is. Not only that, you’re most likely older. So, you’re better able to choose your life’s experiences. More knowledgeable. More exposed. Having in abundance all of the necessities that this little girl lacks.

So why not smile 🙂 Smile in the midst of life’s ‘not so pleasant’ experiences. Smile. Life’s not so hard after all. You’re in a far better position than millions around the world.

Smile!!! God’s been good to you. Things may not have worked out like you planned. But you’re alive and well- physically and mentally well enough to read and understand what I’m saying. So smile 😉

Philippians 4:4 says

Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. Again I will say, rejoice!

Wearing a smile is one sure way of obeying that instruction. So smile. Quit saying ‘I wish I had…’ But instead say ‘I’m thankful to God for…’

Smile at God for His goodness and kindness towards you. If He were to treat you in the same way you’ve treated Him, I’m pretty sure you’d have been worse of.

Smile at yourself because though you’ve made many mistakes, God’s got great plans for your life & He’s working them out somehow.

Smile at the person closest to you right now because you’re thankful they’re alive. And with life comes hope for another chance at anything and everything.

Smile 🙂 once again as you listen to Kirk tell you more reasons to smile. Shalom!



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Stay blessed.

Photo Source> Art Backwash

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