Its no news that people often use other people to get what they want.

But it’s a problem when we God’s children choose to speak to God through other people instead of taking out the time to speak to Him about our needs, wants, problems or issues by ourselves. The truth of this dawned on over a decade ago. There was this new gadget I needed to get. However I couldn’t get it right away because I needed some money to add up to what I had. I then thought to myself,

I should be able to get this money from my dad. But I won’t go to him directly. I’ll tell my mum to tell my dad to give me the money I need”.

After chatting with my mum, in a short time, I got my money for my gadget.However before I got the money she said,  ‘Daddy says you should always and I mean always be free to ask him for anything”.

When my dad got back later in the day, he expressed his displeasure over the fact that I had not come to him directly to ask for the money I needed. He then repeated what my mum had told me earlier. “Dara, you should always and I mean always be free to ask me directly for anything that you need.” With that I apologized to him hurting him by not bring my requests to him directly.

After that experience, it dawned on me that even with God, if we truly are His  children,  He doesn’t like it when we go tell our friend to talk to Him about our issues. For example,  please pray to God about thus issue, I can imagine God saying, why don’t you tell me yourself rather than tell your friend to come to me with your requests. The issue is that friend may not even even pray about it because it’s not their problem but yours.

Take out the time to speak to God about the issues surrounding your life – by yourself. As your loving heavenly Father, He should be the  first person to know when you have a need. You need not go to another person to go and intercede to God for you because as his child you now have direct access to Him (Heb. 4:16). Use your access to God and speak to Him first about any problems you may be facing. He longs to hear your requests come from you directly.


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Written by: Olaniyan Oluwadara


Twitter: @ify_ngozikaa

Facebook: Ifeoma Nkem-Gbemudu


  • VaSanganyado

    Thanks for the timely reminder. Christ had given us the access to the throne of grace. Today we can now stand before the Father with no fear of death.

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