Where’s The Baby?

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I once heard the story of a clergy who was invited to minister in the child dedication ceremony of a prominent family. This family had been expecting a child for close to seven years. So when people heard about the dedication ceremony, they were elated – and so was this minister. It was to be a grand celebration. Not only was it an opportunity for the couple to thank God, it was also an opportunity for them to show off their financial capacity. I mean, why not? They were well to do.

And so the day of the ceremony came, with everyone in the community in attendance – the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s’, the high and the low, no one was absent. Foods of all kinds were served as well as all kinds of drinks befitting their appetite. Everyone ate, drank, danced and congratulated this couple for their ‘testimony’. After all the feasting was over, the time came for the minister to offer prayers for the family and its newest member. But as the minister began to pray, lifting up his hands in appreciation to God, he stopped abruptly as though something had occurred to him.

After clearing his throat, the minister kindly requested “can the parents please bring the baby forward while we pray? So at least we can know if it’s a boy or girl we’re thanking God for.” His request was met first with a moment of silence followed by a look of surprise spread on the guests’ faces, for suddenly everyone realized that though the ceremony was grand, they hadn’t seen the baby all the while.

Whispers spread fast across the guests. “Is it a girl?” someone asked. “Where is the child?” a young lady questioned. After a few minutes of much whispering, an elderly man turned to the perplexed parents and demanded “show us the baby now!” At that point the couple exchanged confused glances and then the father decided to speak “hmmmnn…Ladies and gentlemen…… don’t be offendedit is not what you think. Let me explain. It is just that we….” He paused to take in some air. His wife finished his statement “…we don’t yet have a child! We just thought it would be okay to have the celebration without necessarily having a baby.”

No child in a child dedication ceremony? Unbelievable!

While the above story may seem unimaginable, yet similar scenes play out time and again every Christmas season. Too many Christians, seem to be more interested in elaborate feastings and the celebrations associated with Christmas than they are in acknowledging the child they claim to be celebrating.

Let this Christmas be to us a season when we choose to acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ rather than let ourselves be carried away by the feasting all around us. Just like celebrating a child dedication ceremony would be meaningless without a newborn child to dedicate, so also Christmas would be meaningless to any believer who claims to be celebrating Christ’s birth without bothering to acknowledge him. Even the spelling of the event tells us so! ‘Christ-Mas’ Yet I’m not referring to you just knowing about Christ, but you knowing Christ personally as your Lord and savior. This is life. Shalom!


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Written by: Victor Agape

Twitter: @VictorAgape


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  • Sandra

    Many Christians might argue that the couple as a step of faith are celebrating in wait, just as parents waiting on God for a child go on to prepare a baby’s room filled with clothes and all. I however understand the message in your story. Well done and more of Gods grace.

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