Your relationship will change as you learn to call Him FATHER


If there’s one thing ALL Christians agree on (and there are only a few things ALL Christians agree on) ūüėź -its the fact that God (the father) is our heavenly father. Yet, though we all mentally acknowledge that God (the Father) is our Father, I strongly believe that more Christians need to live or walk in this consciousness. This is because, when a person has an understanding of God’s fatherly love for him/her as an individual, that person’s walk with God goes to a higher level..


Do not call anyone on earth your father; for one is your father, He who is in heaven.”

Few years ago, while studying the Gospels, I¬†noticed how that Jesus, unlike me, was in the habit of calling God (the Father) ‘his Father’ (Matt 8:21, 10:33, 11:50, 16:13 e.t.c). Having already ¬†understood that I was made a child of God via redemption (John 1:12), I decided to follow in Jesus’ example. However, as I made it a habit to refer to God (the father) as my heavenly Father every chance I got, I noticed that my relationship with God became more personal as….

1.¬†I became more aware that God wasn’t just some ‘being up there’ who created me, he was my daddy!!:

When a person’s knowledge of God is limited or is not based on a sound teaching of God’s word, it’s easy for such a person to see God as just ‘some being’ overseeing things from heaven. Such a view of God doesn’t ¬†encourage us to seek personal fellowship with Him as ultimately God desires ( 1 Cor 1:9, 1 John 1:5-10 )

But when we come to Christ and begin to study and meditate on scripture, the word¬†father¬†signifies a part of God’s nature that would cause us to see that God is not just as a supreme judge watching each of us to see when we sin, but that He is a God that seeks personal, intimate and loving relationship with each of His creation.

Let me also add here that I am aware that because some of us have had unhappy experiences with our earthly fathers, the thought of God being a ‘father’ may not seem like a good thing. If ¬†you fall into this category please be assured that God is the original and perfect father whom earthly fathers ought to emulate not the other way around. He is the epitome of fatherhood and as such cannot fail like an earthly father could.


2. It became easier for me to trust Him to look out for me:

Every true father seeks to guide, teach, provide for and protect his children to the best of his ability. The more I thought of God as a father having these qualities and in a far greater degree than any earthly father could, the easier it became for me to trust his guidance and expect his abundant provision in all areas if my life.

I’m his daughter. If He doesn’t provide for me and protect me, who will? ūüėČ

3. I became more aware of my position as part of a spiritual family:

God is the original father so He has a family (Eph 2:19), Jesus is his first son & child and as God’s children, Jesus is our elder brother!! (John 20:17). How awesome. If here on earth you lack an earthly/biological family, let this knowledge encourage you. Not only does God love you as a child but you’ve also got a brother in Jesus and siblings in other believers.

It wasn’t until I had made a habit of calling God my heavenly father that the consciousness of my place in a spiritual family (other than my biological one) was firmly established in my mind. In addition, being able to see Jesus as an elder brother rocks. The thought that he’ll look out for me and protect me like an elder brother who’s faaaarrr older than his younger sibling would, warms my heart and always makes me feel loved.

How about you? Are you a believer who hasn’t known God’s fatherly love? Why don’t you just accept God’s word by faith- that God is your heavenly father and at once begin to call him father. I’m that step will do wonders in your relationship with Him as it did for me. Go ahead and begin.

Or, have you read this and thought, I’d love to be a part of God’s family and be able to know Him as my heavenly father . Then waste no time and contact me on any of the addresses below and I & the holy spirit will take it from there.


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  • Calabarboy

    This is one of the greatest revelations I came into in my life as a disciple of Jesus. Everything changed for me when I understood this and began walking in it. That was all Jesus came to do; to reveal who The Father was to mankind. Besides using the words “Our Father” when praying, if you have an understanding of what you are saying, something moves spiritually everytime you call Him for who He really is – The Father of Mankind. Your worship will change, your prayers will change, and your love life will ultimately change as He begins teaching and showing your His heart for you. Thanks for sharing this!

  • victor ekwere jnr

    this is so amazing. pls keep writing and posting.

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