Lord I’m thankful for who I am, how I am and where I am. I know that sometimes I’m tempted to think that my life sucks and that you’ve cheated me by giving others a more perfect life. But Lord, now as at always, I recognize that pattern of thought is a temptation and a lie. It’s a temptation to keep me jealous and envious of others and a lie of the devil to cause me to lose sight of your equally glorious but uniquely, unique plan for my life.


Lord you’re never wrong and you’re never partial. You’re always working in my favor because every of your actions in my life are motivated by the purest and highest form of love that exists. Lord, I’m not very pleased with where I am now, but I’m not angry with you. I’m only irritated by this circumstance because I’m mindful that you’ve created and destined me for more than this.

So today Lord I rise. I rise above this circumstance and into my future in you. I look within and ahead and not without and behind. I look past my failures and disappointments and set my gaze permanently on the glorious future you’ve prepared for me. I choose you. I choose your will. I choose faith. I choose love. And I choose hope. No more sulking. No more crying. No more pity parties. No more despair.

I declare it now, mine is the testimony that will bring you glory, in Jesus name!!!!


Thanks for reading. Please don’t hesitate to share this with others. This declaration may be just what another person needs to pick themselves up, by the grace God. Thanks again😉


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