Here’s What I Learnt From Granting My First TV Interview

1. IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT TO PRODUCTIZE YOUR KNOWLEDGE: I had some of all the knowledge that made up my first book in my head for years but putting forth the effort to develop it into a valuable product that others are willing to exchange value (or money) for, made this interview possible. Stop putting off the desire to make/create/write/produce that good or service that’ll make life better for the rest of us. You’re stalling your progress by doing so, so just repent and do the needful – quickly 😁


2. WRITING A BOOK DOES GIVE YOU AUTHORITY STATUS: Today my interviewer with my book in her hand, took one look at the book and said to me “… so you’re invariably an authority on this subject. ” I was a little speechless at the sound of that. I just nodded and smiled all the while thinking, all this talk about how writing a book in a certain field elevates you to an authority in that field is real. So real. I wasn’t thinking of being an authority when I wrote ‘Can I be Married Already?!’ but here we are. I receive the accolade. Thank you.


3. YOUR NEXT OPPORTUNITY WILL COME THROUGH SOMEONE- BE NICE. BE A PERSON OF VALUE: I got on this show by asking one of my former bosses for the plug. Don’t be careless in your relationships. Learn how to manage them wisely, so you keep and nurture the right ones. It’s the wise thing to do and your progress is tied to it too.


4. MASTER THE ART OF COMMUNICATING YOUR IDEAS VERBALLY: off camera, my interviewer said something like “You know I really enjoyed your interview. You spoke really clearly about your ideas. Many authors that come, express themselves well in writing but aren’t able to do the same on air. ” Learning to speak in public is a very invaluable skill. I’ve had years of practice (in one form or the other) and you should too. If you’re serious about being successful in your vocation or calling or sector, then it’s a must you master this skill. Go online and learn what you can and practice as much as you can. Then take it a notch higher by investing in a good public speaking course. You won’t regret it, I promise.


5. ALWAYS TRAVEL WITH EXTRA CLOTHES:😂😂 There’s a story behind why I’m looking this way. Just know if I hadn’t traveled with extra stuff and my younger sister didn’t come to the rescue, I may have gotten into trouble.

I trust you got value from this. Be sure to act on what you learn. For the blessing lies in the doing.



Remarkably yours,


P.S. You can watch my interview on the ‘WakeUp Nigeria’ breakfast show by CLICKING HERE. Just fast-forward to the 1h:29min:00sec mark to watch the interview.

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