MIDE’s DIARY : Day 1 of 30

I was eaves dropping and I heard the entire conversation.


I’m home again today. No office to go to and no client to visit. Such is the life of a self-employed, unemployed gurl like moi. There were mornings when the thought of being home doing chores while my peers toiled away in their work places, got me upset, depressed and tearful- even if for only 5 to 10mins. But today, that’s not the case.



Nah….I’m past that. Lets just say I’ve realised that God never promised to give me a job. But rather, He promised to bless the works of my hands. So I’ve been working with my hands lately. And though my beginning is small, I’m assured that my latter end will greatly increase.

Yeah, back to my eaves dropping. Mum was on the phone. Heard her say something about how she’s been praying to God to bring me my husband. Lol. As in? It is well. She should please keep praying while I focus on making the most of my singleness for now.


My forehead is banging. Can’t say why or how come. Trying to do some work but can’t concentrate. I remember trying to ignore it but it only seemed to get worse.

2 hours later…

I’ve slept a bit…but the headache only seems worse. Do I hurry to the medicine cabinet? Or do I pray for healing? I chose the later. After all, Jesus paid the price for my total freedom from sickness, aches & pains. So I prayed & stood my ground in faith. But even after that I threw up. Well I still stood my ground in faith. I can’t be sick! Jesus’ wounds HAVE HEALED mine. By Hus stripes I WAS healed, in the name of Jesus. Shortly after that, I felt better and voila! I’m healed. Hallelujah.

Looking forward to tomorrow 😊


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Written by: Ayomide Page



Twitter: @ify_ngozikaa

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  • Shalom Truths

    Haha…I am among the self employed crowd so I guess I can relate to the feeling…The marriage part my mum just told me this morning I shouldn’t be making a face or rejecting when they pray or talk about marriage (*Even if I want to take as long as I want)…Then been a bit down lately and as usual I was faithing it and I was certain it had gone – nba my parents no gree. Dragged me to the hospital for test o – Had to take drugs with quarter of my heart. When I knew I have been in this kind of situation and God has come through…Infact tho I am still vexed about the drugs part – the testimony was that from the text result I was expected to have broken down or to be admitted but I didn’t.

    P.s I am not against medications or hospital 😊 Let me also add this part – hehe so my pastor stopped by yesterday and looked at me – Mercy is there anything going on?? Is there something you are not telling us? Haha like I had a confession to make (*cos I had reduced – now they have proposed in their heart to fatten me up).

    Thumbs up sis great article…

  • Sandra

    Opportunities for growth that parents, society and sometimes the church don’t understand. I have often times had such moments. Good reminder that God blesses the work of our hands, also at times like these we are also more aware of our able God who still makes available our needs even when we have no source of income, we are more concious of his grace and ever abiding love. How would we know some of these things if we do not experience the very things that teach us to more dependent on him instead of our people, our abilities, certificates, knowledge etc. I have come to understand that I do not desire (spiritual) to exchange any opportunity I have to grow in the knowledge of God. ( God help my flesh)

    More grace to you Ifeoma, God bless and keep you as you carry out the assignment he has called you for.

    • Sandra

      And God bless Ayomide the writer, may you ever grow in his presence, in the knowledge of Him and abide in his love.

  • iamjemila

    Tomorrow it is, well done.

  • bukola

    ify ify,lol…..nice… indeed ur healing is permanent and he shall bless the works of your hands

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