MIDE’s DIARY: Day 15 of 30



Tuesday June 2nd

Their eyes lock, he winks & she flirts back at him. He winks again & she blushes. He gets the message & walks towards her as she flips her hair, straightens out her dress and lowers her head. And at the very moment he steps in front of her, their lips lock & then their love story begins.

That’s the way the story goes in Hollywood, isn’t it? That kiss is the ultimate sign of their eternal love.

ALERT! I don’t agree with Hollywood one bit.

Had watched like 3 different soaps on Telemundo back to back when I caught myself thinking something I really think I ought not to have been thinking.

I think I just caught myself dwelling on the thought of what it’ll be like to kiss bae for the first time. Oh Lord please forgive me.

To have such a thought briefly flash in your mind, is one thing.

To dwell on the thought & ponder on it is yet another. Dwelling on the thought gives it life. As in, it kind of puts you in a place where you’re mentally rehearsing for the part🙈😐

There are a lot more productive things I & bae can do with our lips at this stage of our relationship other than kissing

Hey wait a minute. I’m not saying all this with a ‘holier-than-thou‘ attitude. No! It’s just like Ifeoma said in her video- will it be ungodly to kiss bae before we’re married?‘ I’m just a gurl who’s gotten into trouble in times past cos I failed to reign in my thoughts and allowed them to run wild until GBAM the unthinkable happened 😱😳😁

That one is a gist for another time.

Summary of today’s gist. I think all these sexy, steamy scenes on Telemundo are taking their toll on my thought life. Ama have to do something about that, quickly.


Written by: Ayomide Page


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