MIDE’s DIARY: Day 3 of 30


Thursday May 21

I finally told mumsi about him.


I woke earlier than now and decided to pray only to sleep off on my knees- again! 😢😢 I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened in the past 1-year. Its almost getting to the point when it seems impossible for me to pray at night or anytime before 6:00am without dozing off. Not good. Not good at all.

Lord knows how many resolutions I’ve made or vows. Not to talk about the different awkward positions I’ve taken just to fight sleep only to find myself waking up. Lord🙈🙈🙈 plz forgive me for standing you up again. My spirit is willing, you know that. But my flesh is weak. I’m not making excuses. Just saying. But Lord I’ll make it up to you somehow, later today, so help me God.


Is there a perfect time to tell your parents or at least your same-sex parent about your boyfriend or girlfriend? As in honestly, is there?

Well, 2-months after giving bae a YES, I finally told mumsi about him. By the time, I mentioned his native name she gasped. Let me explain.

My dad has always said he wanted I and my siblings to get married to people from our hometown. According to him, it easier to do a background check on someone from your hometown or village than it is to do the same for someone from another part of the country.

How does that affect my mum? Well although mumsi hasn’t been adamant that I and my siblings get married to people from our hometown, (she’s more interested in us marrying into families that’ll love us like their own), she’s still got her reservations about marrying people from some other parts of the country.

Whatever the case now though, we’re not telling my dad anything about bae until further notice. And as for mumsi, bae’s ethnicity isn’t a problem. She initially gasped cos she was surprised, that’s all. It’ll all in God’s hands of course.

Looking forward to tomorrow.



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Written by: Ayomide Page



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  • bukola

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy……….. ify az bae now oooooooooo……. introduction plsss….. n yaaaayy he is from my side….whooop whooop

  • bukola

    congrats 2 her, so bear in mind i wil b praying 4 u on dz cause, muuaaaah

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