MIDE’s DIARY: Day 4 of 30


Friday May 22

Fever symptoms

In church, feeling fever symptoms. Believing that they’ll not remain by the end of the service

Fever symptoms worsen. Stopped in the middle of chores to declare God’s word over myself. Ended up saying prayers I didn’t plan to say and seeing Colossians 2:15 in more vivid colour. Felt some relief.


Fever symptoms far worse. Took a nap hoping to wake up relieved. Ended up sleeping the most of the day, with little or no relief. Did I stop believing God had healed me?

Still feel horrid. Aching head, high body temperature, no appetite. Finally told mum to get me malaria tablets. At that point, everyone at home starts preaching to me about why taking medication from time to time is a necessary part of life. We feel sick, we take drugs asap & we continue living until the next illness. They think I’m only wasting my time believing for divine healing.

Feel like I let Jesus down. If I didn’t see the physical manifestations of His healing power, it wasn’t cos he lied. That I’m 100% sure of. I’ll have to find out what went wrong.

Thankful still😍



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Written by: Ayomide Page



Twitter: @ify_ngozikaa

Facebook: Ifeoma Nkem-Gbemudu

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  • Onazi

    Sounds like you still believing for what you already are the ‘Healed’. These is who we are in Christ Jesus, these conciousness must rule your thoughts because he has done it……. Just like you are nt trying to have faith when you are born again. You have it, just got to walk in it…… These are my thoughts

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