MIDE’s DIARY: Day 5 of 30

Saturday May 23

Five years ago, I set a goal to be a self-made millionaire by the first day in the year 2015.

😬 Right now, 5-months after my deadline, I’ve got far less than a hundred thousand Naira to my name, everywhere in the world. Whatever happened to that goal?


Clicked on a video suggested to me by YouTube and found myself watching several videos created by an awesome young woman. The more I watched and listened to her, the more I realized that had I pursued the financial goals I set for myself 5-years ago, I would have been just like her.

I almost cried😢

But I didn’t. 😃

At least not outwardly. 😁

Looking back now, I think I know why I never really pursued that goal:



1. I wasn’t truly convinced I could achieve it
2. I let myself be distracted by life
3. I was afraid that my family will never approve of the crazy steps I would have to take to reach such a goal
4. I failed to keep the goal in the center of my thoughts so that after a while I completely forgot I had set such a goal
5. I failed to commit myself to the practices the author of book that had motivated me to set such a goal, had taught to follow.

But today, amidst this not-so-pleasant feelings that I’m feeling right now, I’ve set the same goal again.

This time to be achieved in 4-years


To have in my bank account the sum of 5 Million Naira by the 1st of January 2019.

Do I strongly believe I can achieve this goal? Yes

Do I know exactly how all that money will come to be mine? No

Am I persuaded that necessity is laid on me to demand much, much more from myself so that this goal will be achieved? Yes

Do I strongly believe that with God and through diligent work in providing to others the best possible services I am capable of at any time, I will reach this goal? Yes

Do I have a fail proof, step-by-step plan of action right now to guide me in achieving this goal? No

Do I believe a plan will be revealed to me as I diligently pursue this goal as best I know how to right now? Yes

And though it’s true that this goal like many other life changing decisions, is easier said than done, however today I’ve chosen to set this goal again for myself. I hope you’ll keep me accountable. But should you not, I’m fully committed to it, So help me God.


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Written by: Ayomide Page



Twitter: @ify_ngozikaa

Facebook: Ifeoma Nkem-Gbemudu

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