MIDE’s DIARY: Day 6 of 30

Sunday May 24th

Proactive people rule the world!

I’m still in church. The service ended at about 11:00am but our bus broke down & we were advised to wait a little while for it to be fixed.

A little while indeed.

We’re still here. My tummy is weeping from hunger. It’s too late to regret not leaving this bus sooner and finding my way back home. T’is well.

Took a walk around church to find something to eat and ran into an acquaintance. He’s one of these very spiritual brothers, who though unemployed, hardly speaks of looking for a job or starting any business. Instead he spends the bulk of his time engaging in spiritual activities he believes will move God’s hand to bring financial prosperity his way.


Is he over spiritualizing things?? I wonder.

Whichever way, our short conversation reminded me of how lazy we Christians can be sometimes. Instead of engaging in some meaningful work upon which God can pour forth his blessings, we hide in our homes and comfort zones, doing nothing but read the Bible, pray, eat, sleep and watch television.

That’s just wrong.

God ordained that we work. Scripture is filled with reminders that man must be diligent in his work in order to succeed (Prov. 13:4; 22:29; 1Tim. 4:15 ). Even Jesus, our Lord and savior worked and worked diligently (John 9:4).

But you say…”A.Y you don’t understand, I’ve been applying for jobs with no success. What can I do now that I can’t find work?

Very good question.

With a very straightforward answer….

Create work for yourself.

Learn a trade. Learn a skill. Pick up a job with far less pay than you hoped for but one that’ll help you add value to yourself. Start a business of your own. Build on one or more of your natural gifts and see how you can add value to the lives of others by using that gift.

In other words, think and act and be proactive.

Apostle Paul even went as far as to say ‘ he who does not work must not eat (2Thess. 3:10). We children of God should not use spiritual engagements to hide from taking proactive steps to create meaningful work for ourselves.

Remember, God promised to bless the work of our hands.

Chai…I ended up preaching to an unseen person today. The things I do when I’m jounaling.

I wander what tomorrow’s diary entry will be about.


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Written by: Ayomide Page



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