MIDE’s DIARY: Day 9 of 30


Wednesday 27th May

There are 3 categories of adults in this world- those who loved their childhood, those who hated their childhood and those who can barely remember being children. What category do you fall into 😃


Suddenly remembered today was children’s day. Can’t really remember how I celebrated Children’s Day as a child. My peers talk about match passes and indomie parties, but I sincerely can’t remember what it was like to celebrate Children’s Day when I was younger.

I do however remember what it was like to be a child;

Wake up
Get ready for school
Go to school
Get several injuries while playing
Get home tired
Hide injury from mum & dad
Do homework
Watch TV
Wake up next day & continue as previous day.

I had no cares in the world. No responsibilities. A few dreams and lots of play time. Life was blissful.

But alas ADULTHOOD. Thank God for adulthood!😇😎


Several years before I stepped into adulthood, I met Jesus. Knowing him and following his lead has made all the difference in my life. I never look back at ‘good old days‘. Instead I’m always looking forward to a more glorious future because with him ‘everything only gets better’.

I thank God for a carefree & playful childhood. But I thank God even more for a Jesus-centered adulthood.

Have you met Jesus? Have you submitted to his lordship? Are you committed to following his lead in every area of your life?

If No, what are you waiting for? He’s the only one who can make the rest of your days the best of your days. Send me an email @ ngozikaamedia@gmail.com and I’ll hook you up at once.

If you’ve met Jesus and are committed to following his lead in every area of your life, then of course, cheers to a glorious adulthood 👍🏻


Written by: Ayomide Page


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