One Sure Way An Ant Can Help Your Faith



If we only pay attention to the world around us, we’d discover one pleasant truth – God can speak to us through some of the most unsuspecting things or situations.

A while back, while getting ready for an important meeting, I burst into the bathroom to have my bath, you guess what I saw in the bathroom? An ant. Seriously? “What on earth is an ant doing in this bathroom“, I thought to myself. Trust me that bathroom was as neat as neat could be. However, after wondering for a few seconds about how the ant got there, I chose to just ignore it and continued with my business.

Later on that same day, I was on the fifth floor of a lovely building, neat environment as well, and on that high level, I saw another ant. I just got thinking and the thought struck me;

there’s really no place ants can’t get to,

at least with what I have observed. I mean they could get deep into the soil and very high inside the fifth floor of a building. Well how they do it, that I don’t know, but one thing I know for sure is this, if an ant as tiny as it is, can reach very high and tall places then you and I can reach higher places with God by your side.

So the next time worries and fears about the future try to creep into your heart, think of the ant and let its life help your faith. For if God would watch over an ant and assit it in reaching heights even humans would need to put forth much effort to reach, HOW MUCH MORE YOU.

Dear child of God, you are way greater than an ant and of farrrrr more importance to God that all the ants in the world, so trust God & never doubt that He is totally committed to your success. Remember He himself said;

” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jer. 29:11)
Loads of Love,
Smiling D.


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Written by: Olaniyan Oluwadara


Twitter: @ify_ngozikaa

Facebook: Ifeoma Nkem-Gbemudu


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