Is My List The Reason Why I’m Still Single?

In recent weeks, I’ve seen posts on social media where single people are being told to throw away their ‘lists’ because that list may be the reason why they’re still single. While I don’t believe everyone who says that, means any harm, I don’t believe their advice is true or good.

You know why? Because marriage is a serious business with the husband and wife serving as co-founders. And just like a wise founder shopping for a co-founder, knows to be clear what qualities their co-founder must have in order for their partnership to birth a more successful company, so also, a wise single knows to be clear what qualities their intended must-have for their marriage to be successful.

The caveat to this is, you need to be sure that the items on your list are prioritized correctly ie with faith, character, and values ranking higher than looks/wealth/other physical considerations. WHY? Because that’s the order we see in God’s word.

So, if you’re single and looking to be married and yet you don’t have a list (mental or written), YOU’RE WRONG 😊 But if you’ve got a list but you’re turning down potential spouses because even though they rank high on faith, character, and values, they don’t match all you physical requirements, you may be doing yourself a disservice. You can learn more about this in my book “CAN I BE MARRIED ALREADY – Biblical Answers to The Questions That Plague Your Heart Because You’re Still Single”.

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