To All My Single Sisters: Don’t Get Desperate in 2015

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My cousin was going to get married this year. The only problem was- he didn’t find out about his wedding date until a friend of his asked him about it. It turned out that my cousin’s girlfriend had started informing everyone else except her boo about their wedding in 2015. Needless to say my cousin was pissed. I mean he liked the babe but he wasn’t planning to get married anytime soon or at least not in 2015. I think he ended up breaking up with her. He said he would but I haven’t confirmed if he’s done so yet or not ooo

The whole episode got me thinking, ‘I’ve got to speak to my single sisters; this desperate husband hunting has got to stop.’


My dear single sister.

I know you thought that at this point in your life you’d be wearing a wedding ring, walking around with a baby bump or driving around town with your toddler strapped into his cute car-seat, on the passenger seat right beside you. I also know that your mum’s incessant reminder of the fact that you’re still living under her roof while your younger sister got married 3-years ago, breaks your heart and is threatening to drive you nuts. But please listen to me. All them not-so -nice awkward situations are not enough reason to throw caution to the wind just so you can get someone to marry you. Don’t let your desire to be married morph into desperation because:

Desperate people make foolish decisions

Mensah Otabil


Yup. He’s right. By becoming impatient and desperate in your quest to get married, you’re bound to make foolish decisions that’s you’d end up regretting for the rest of your life. Sweet sis relax please. All those people pressurizing you to settle for that “good” but unsaved brother won’t be there to help you when after you’ve been married, he starts to mistreat you because he has no idea how to love you like Jesus commands him to.

Dear sis, trust our heavenly father. Trust that in his wisdom and in his timing he’ll cause a man that’s worthy of your exclusive affections to equally desire to be with you. Don’t buy into all this 21st century craziness of ladies chasing after guys and mounting all kinds of pressures on them so they can get married. If you pick up the responsibility of providing leadership for your relationship at the beginning, you’ll have to carry that burden for the rest of the duration of that relationship or marriage. Trust me, you won’t like that burden cos it’s not one for which our heavenly father designed us to bear.

In closing let me just add that we’ve all been instructed to “Be anxious for NOTHING. But in everything through prayer and supplication make our requests known unto God”. Sis please remember this instruction whenever you’re tempted to worry. Remember that worrying serves no useful purpose but instead it saps both our physical and spiritual strength. God gave Jesus for you even before you knew you needed Him to die for your sins, how much more will He not with Jesus freely give you your own prince charming 😀 So sis have faith. keep calm, enjoy life & say No! to being desperate for a mate ever.


With loadz of love

From your dearest sis.


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