5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Done Half The Things You Hoped To Do By May 2019

1. YOU DIDN’T SET GOALS. YOU ONLY HAD HOPES AND DREAMS: You know the big deal about setting goals is the fact that it forces us to be clear about what it is we want to achieve, how we intend to achieve it and when. This clarity, in turn, spurs us to take action, reduces our tendency to get distracted by life and increases our chances of seeing the results we want

Wishing, hoping and dreaming aren’t enough. You need to take the time to sit, think and write/type what exactly it is you want to achieve, How you plan to do so and WHEN you plan on seeing that specific result.


2. YOU SET GOALS BUT FAILED TO REVIEW THEM OFTEN ENOUGH: Life can be so daily. You move from one day to the next and new stuff just keep coming up until you forget what it is you were working towards and where it was you set out to go. Successful people take out the time to review their goals, quarterly/month/weekly and even daily (in some cases) just so they can assess how far they’ve come and what changes they need to make in order to achieve what they sort out to achieve.


3. YOU NEVER ANSWERED THE QUESTION ‘WHY?’: Why are those dreams/goals important to you? Answering this question recruits your emotions into the fight against procrastination and every other form of inertia that would assail you as you plod towards achieving your goals. We, humans, are more controlled by our emotions than we like to think. Sitting down to think and write down WHY your goals are important helps you to get your emotions to work for you rather than against you.

There’s a way my eyes stay open later than usual when I remember the quality of life I want to give my parents and myself by the end of the year. There’s a strange motivation that floods my being when I think just how badly I don’t want to the A student who couldn’t find a way to excel in the “real” world. Those are some of my WHYs, you need to be sure what yours, write them down and read them often.


4. YOU LET FAILURE DISCOURAGE YOU: I know what it feels like to fail. To try again and again but to somehow fail to get the result that I desired. But one thing that keeps me trying again and learning again and trying again is the knowledge that only by trying again do I stand a chance of experiencing the success that I crave.

If I let failure discourage me, all that will earn me is regret about what could have been had I tried. I don’t ever want to nurse regret. So, on I go, using every failure as a stepping stone to my next achievements.


5. YOU’RE NOT ACTING FAST ENOUGH: John Obidi always speaks about “intensity”. You know why? Because to achieve success, it’s not enough to do something, you have to do it quickly and excellently. You need to keep up the intensity; learn quickly and act quickly. Shun procrastination. Shun analysis paralysis. Dive in quickly and recover from failure quickly.

I trust you found these thoughts helpful. Be sure to make the changes you need to today, so you can make the most of the days you’ve got left in 2019.


The fact that you’ve read this far is proof that you’re phenomenal.

Looking forward to hearing about your next wins.



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