8 Lessons From “Making Sense of The New World Post-COVID” w/ Olakunle Soriyan


Last night, I attended a 4-hour long webinar hosted by the polymath, futurist, global influence and relevance strategist – Olakunle Soriyan. The webinar was so insightful and engaging, it only ended because YouTube kicked us out after 4 hours.

Below are the 8 major lessons I drew out of the myriad of things this wise man taught us so passionately:


1. The Post-COVID era started the moment China opened it’s factories and resumed economic activity. This means you’re being left behind if you’re wasting the FREE time you have now. Use this lockdown time to learn, grow, create and dominate ONLINE.


2. Technology is driving change in our world and the pace of change WILL NEVER SLOW DOWN. Hence, throw away every knowledge that makes you fearful of technology and every excuse that you have about not being techie. You must embrace tech to be relevant in the Post-COVID world, or the rest of us who master tech will crush you, your business and your finances to bits.


3. In the Post-COVID world, (especially in the next 30 – 50 years), Technocracy will be the system of government in every nation of the world. Technocracy = a system of government-driven by technology and managed by technologists. Being a technocrat will be old-school.

The movie “Hunger Games” is a foretelling of what the world would look like in the coming decades. it’s not Sci-FI. It’s your introduction to the future!


4. If you live in the 3rd world, you MUST create systems and get involved in systems that allow you to earn in dollars. You’re competing with everyone else in the world and your local currency is going to lose its value considerably. So go for Dollars, you can do it and you must or hunger will finish you.


5. Save. Save. Save. But not in Naira but in dollars or gold. Make it your goal to save enough money to cover your one year’s expenses in dollars or gold. The economies of our nations have taken a hit, you’ll need those savings soon to weather the storm.


6. If you’re in business, make it your goal to become a monopoly i.e a massive business that has no competition in its industry. The Post-COVID world will crush small and medium scale businesses or will force them to align with large businesses. The choices you make now to build an unstoppable business system will save your business from going extinct.


7. Dear entrepreneur – you must think of yourself as a TECH COMPANY that does business in a certain industry. Dear employee, don’t wait until you lose your job (cos you may). Start now to find ways to provide your services online and use technology to drive your career development.

From now on think, act and say: “I am a tech company that sells clothes/provides financial services/ provides online homeschooling services etc.”


8. Crises is the forerunner of critical change, hence in this ‘crises’ there’s an opportunity for you to advance quickly, but only if you answer these questions and act on the answers:

i. What do I have too much of, yet don’t really need? What am I doing too much, but isn’t helping me advance towards my dreams or goals?

ii. What important things or skills do I currently lack, but need to have in order to thrive in this Post-COVID world? What do I need to do to increase these things in my life-quickly?

iii. (How do I become more influential to grow my brand and business ONLINE? Who do I need to partner with this season? How will I pursue those partnerships so they’re a win-win?

iv. What things do I treasure now and are they still relevant?

v. What do I and others fear? How can I overcome those fears and help those I want to serve, also overcome theirs?

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