Make The Effort To Remember The Important Things You Learn

A few days ago, I  posted a similar photo to the one above to my WhatsApp status with the caption-

“Which of these books have you read and what did you learn?”

Of the over 120 people who saw it, a few answered my question by telling me which of the books they’d read. And then I proceeded to ask each of them, what they had learnt and their answers revealed just what I thought it would.

All but one had a very vague answer about what it was that they learnt from the book or books they had read. And it’s pretty understandable, one person had read 2 of these books over 5 years ago and as such couldn’t remember much of what she learnt, except for the fact that she enjoyed reading them.
Their answers thus got me thinking, – if you can’t remember what you learn, you can’t apply the knowledge you gained and if you don’t apply the knowledge, your life wouldn’t be any better, after reading/knowing/learning than it was before you learnt.

In other words, be intentional about remembering whatever important information you come across that you honestly want to apply in order to see improvements in one or more areas of your life.

Highlight words or sentences in the books you read, scribble down notes in those books or in your journal AND MAKE OUT TIME TO REVIEW that information often. Get audiobooks if you can and listen over and over and over, just so you’re reminded of new ideas that you missed the first time or those that slipped out of your conscious mind in the days since you first learnt those new ideas.

Sometimes, what you need isn’t new knowledge. You just may need a reminder about the information you’ve got but have somehow forgotten.

So dear friend, please remember, it’s not enough to learn, you need to be intentional about remembering what you learnt so you’re more likely to use that information to improve your life.

Cheers to your success!

P.S. Lest I forget – “Which of these books have you read and what did you learn?”

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