5 Characteristics of Resourceful People That Brings Them Success


So on today’s episode I’ll be sharing with you the… 

5 characteristics of resourceful people that brings them successful

I’ll be talking about resourcefulness and how it helps us achieve success because I realize that one reason why you’ve taken the time to listen to the Success Smoothie podcast is because you’re interested in achieving success in one or more areas of your life. And, in my opinion, possessing a resourceful mindset is one of the most important attributes of all successful people. So, that said…

What does it mean to be resourceful?

A resourceful person finds a clever solution to a problem, usually under various constraints like money, time, knowledge, infrastructure, etc. Simply put, a resourceful person makes the most of what they have to achieve maximum results, especially in difficult situations.

Resourcefulness is a mindset, and it’s particularly important to have a resourceful mindset when you’re trying to achieve a difficult goal or a goal for which you do not have a clear guideline as to what to do to see it become a reality.

An attitude of resourcefulness inspires us to think outside-of-the-proverbial box. Possessing a resourceful mindset pushes us to come up with new ideas and to visualize all the possible ways to achieve whatever it is we desire.

So here are the 5 characteristics of resourceful people that brings them success:

  1. Resourceful people are creative:

Being creative isn’t always about creating something new. It also entails using old things in a new better, more effective way. And all of us can do this if we first start to think of ourselves as being creative.

Until about late last year, I never really used to think of myself as a creative person. I think it’s cos I’m not artistic in the sense that I’m not a painter, or sculptor or music producer. But then after attending a business meeting in church sometime in the last quarter of 2018, I realized that every human being is creative first of all because we were created in the image and likeness of God, who himself is the creator of all things. Like, all of creation speaks of God’s infinite creativity. The galaxies and stars and planets, plants, animals, water bodies (seas oceans lakes, streams) and mineral resources; gold, diamond, sapphire, rubies, pearls, coral, and every natural thing we see in the world carries such uniqueness that

whenever you pause to take the time to admire nature you’re bound to be in awe of the God who created so many awesome things and displayed such infinite creativity.

When that truth dawned on me months back, the truth that I’m creative because I was created in God’s image and likeness, I stopped shortchanging myself by thinking I wasn’t creative. In fact, I started declaring it, consistently reminding myself that I had the ability to come up with creative solutions at all times and that has greatly improved the way I approach my work and the quality of the ideas I come up with to solve the problems I face.

So first, choose to see yourself as being inherently creative and then go online and read articles on the several things you can now do to be more creative.

  1. Resourceful people are confident:

Resourceful people look at problems and think – I can solve this. There is a way to solve this problem and I’ll find it. Or as American life coach, Marie Forleo would say –


As a Christian, I’m more inclined to trust the spirit of God at work in me to help me solve whatever problem I face. But even those who have no faith in God achieve considerable feats by approaching challenges with the mindset that they can solve it. No one ever succeeded by accident. One reason resourcefulness leads to success is that resourceful people are confident in their ability to do solve whatever problems they face and their confident belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


  1. Resourceful people are Open-minded:

Being open-minded means being open-minded ..laughs.. Oh well, what I mean is being open-minded simply means that resourceful people are willing to question the rules and limitations that exist which seem to keep them from advancing. They’re also willing to listen to ideas different from theirs, willing to see things from a contrary point of view or to look for solutions in fields of endeavor completely different from that in which the problem they’re currently trying to solve exists. To put it simply, they think outside the box or live outside the box entirely.

One way to do this is to regular pursue learning experiences outside our comfort zone. Like reading books in fields other than our fields, visiting new places, attending workshops or seminars outside of what we usually attend. Those kinds of exposure to new, unfamiliar ideas help to trigger our brains to see new ways of doing things.

  1. Resourceful people are Proactive:

Resourceful people don’t just think; they act. They execute. They realize that to achieve their goals they must do the work not just think up the ideas or talk the talk. The decision to be proactive, willing and quick to test out new ideas and see how things pan out invariable takes the resourceful person closer to achieving success.

  1. Resourceful people are Persistent

Resourceful people never give up, so they invariably succeed. Being resourceful demands that we keep thinking of ways to achieve whatever goal it is we’ve set as long as we realize that it is worth pursuing. Hence to be resourceful, we must be persistent in our pursuit. Never willing to quit trying because of the discouraging experience we would invariably encounter as we chase our greatness.

Now I’d love to hear from you! Did you find this episode helpful? How about the workbook? Got any ideas on additional things we can all do to make our mid-year reviews more effective and even fun? I and everyone else whose read this post would love to hear all about it so do share.

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