6 Ways To Reduce Stress By Decluttering Your Life

So in today’s episode, I’ll be speaking about…

6 ways to reduce stress by de-cluttering your life (and keep it that way!)

And by declutter I mean, habits you need to form that’ll make it easier for you to have the clarity of mind and free up time to do the things that truly matter or that would take you faster towards your goals.

In our pursuit of success, we must understand that it’s important to keep away from mental, emotional and physical situations that can disrupt our focus and invariably hamper our creativity and productivity.

You probably already know from experience that it’s difficult to come up with creative solutions to problems when your heart is worrying about something. You may also know from experience that when working in an untidy environment- let’s take for instance working at an untidy desk, we can lose precious time looking for something valuable simply because we have to wade through the scattered pile of stuff we have on our table. But in the situation where we clear up our desk for instance, keeping most things in particular places, we don’t lose that much time searching for things because we know where we usually keep them.

But on today’s episode, my focus is on the things you can do today to help you maintain a more peaceful and focused mind so you can crush your goals quicker.

And my first smart tip is:

  1. Wake up early and take charge of your morning: By wake up early, I don’t necessarily mean wake up at 4:30am or 5:00am every day, even though I personally find waking up at these times very helpful. But because I’m speaking to all kinds of people, some morning people, some nightcrawlers, I understand each of us knows what times works best for us.

However on this episode, what I mean by wake up early, is – wake up early enough to have some personal alone time to pray, study, reflect and plan your day- BEFORE you have to go about the activities of your day. As a Christian, I’ve found that on days when I wake up early enough to have what most of us call a quiet time or devotional time, I’m more coordinated throughout the day.

There’s both a spiritual and mental benefit to having a regular time of prayer, study and personal reflection before jumping into our day that even self-help gurus and people who say they don’t believe in God have some form of mindfulness practices when they get out of bed. So if you’re interested in de-cluttering your life so you feel less mentally stressed during the day, waking up early and investing your first minutes or hours if possible into praying, studying the Bible and reflecting on what you’ve learned as well as on your goals will help keep you spiritually and mentally centered and in control throughout the day.

  1. Add some form of physical exercise into your daily routine:

Truth is, I’ve not made this one a habit, but I’m working on doing so and it’s because asides from all the research I’ve read that speaks of how regular physical exercise boosts our overall mood, improves memory, relieves stress and helps us sleep better, I’ve noticed in my own life that on the days I’m able to exercise before leaving for work (I’m a morning person), I really feel more energetic and more in control mentally during the day.

And by exercise, I don’t mean it has to be very intense. Just 15 mins of a moderate workout right there at home, on a regular basis, can do wonders in making your feel better physically and mentally. At some point, I downloaded the 7 MIN WORKOUT APP and I found the exercise suggestions/routines there very helpful. Right there in my room, I’d do a few jumping jacks, split squats, high stepping, a few secs of plans and side planks and I started feeling better.

If you have no idea what sort of exercises you can do at home, you can download the 7 min workout app or similar workout apps that show you simple workouts you can do at home. The key is to find something that works and do it on a regular basis.

  1. Review your routines: If you feel overwhelmed every day then maybe there are things you’re doing on a regular basis that you need to change.

The only way you’ll know what needs to change in your life so your mind is more restful and focused is to think about your daily routine. Do you find yourself rushing to work because you woke up late or because you have so much to do before leaving for work?

If yes, maybe you need to make changes in your life so you can go to bed early, so that you can wake up early and then not have to get ready for work in a hurry. Or maybe instead of sleeping early, all you may need to do is make sure certain chores are done before you go to bed so when you wake up, you have less to get done before leaving the house and that way you don’t end up being in a hurry right before stepping out the door in the morning.

You may also need to look at your routine and think, what tasks can I delegate to someone else/ pay someone to help me with so I have more time to do the things only I must do? Cos the truth is, sometimes we feel so overwhelmed because we have too much on our plate. Successful people know they can’t do everything so they find what things they can delegate or outsource so they can have the time to focus on the few things only they must do in order to drive their success. 

  1. Review your friendships/relationships:

The people we spend the most time with have a very big influence on us. If you’re always feeling stressed you need to look at the people you spend the most time with in person or over digital technology and ask yourself: is my relationship with this person making me a better person? Do I feel spiritual or mentally energized when I’m around this person or do I leave him/her discouraged or depleted?

If the answer to one or both questions is negative, then you need to end that relationship or severely limit the time you spend with or around the people who drain your energy.

  1. Monitor your social media habits:

Research shows that excessive social media consumption increases the likelihood of depression and leads to mental stress. In fact, social media consumption has been touted to be the reason for the decrease in our overall attention span which is only about 8 secs (for many young people in particular).

So, one way to declutter your mind is to limit your social media consumption. When you’re finding it difficult to concentrate on important tasks, don’t make things worse for your mind by logging into social media. Give your mind the space and time to wander until it can rest or refocus my getting involved in some physical activity that doesn’t require you to stare at a screen, stuff like- writing (not typing), or taking a walk around your house or even pacing right there in your office, or doing the chores around the house without listening to anything playing in the background. Just living and letting your mind rest and come up with its own original thoughts.

  1. Clear your desk/your car/your room:

You know what, if you’re feeling stressed, take a good look at your living or working or driving environment and see if you’ve left it untidy for some time. If you have, then clean up the mess and organize things. A disorganized cluttered and very untidy environment will drain you of energy and frustrate you as it makes it difficult for you to get things done. Simply clean up the mess, tidy things up and the orderliness in your physical environment is likely to make you feel better about yourself and focus on crushing your goals.

So there you have it, 6 ways to reduce stress by de-cluttering your life (and keep it that way!)

I trust you got a lot of value from this episode if you did tell me all about it in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your loved ones. Also if you’ve got any questions or any smart tips about how I and other Success Smoothie Scholars can reduce stress by de-cluttering our lives, please, please, do let us know in the comments.

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