Digital literacy skills you need NOW

Success Smoothie Podcast #14 with Uyoyo Edosio

On today’s episode of the show, we’re going to be talking about DIGITAL LITERACY SKILLS WE ALL NEED-NOW taking into account today’s digital age and how technology is increasingly changing the way we live, work and play. And to provide us with the answers we need I have on the show with me today our fourth guest and unique flavour of this week’s success smoothie.

Yeah, so today’s guest is none other than the Senior Innovation & Human Capital expert – (Skills development and Employment) at the African Development Bank Group, where she is responsible  for managing a portfolio themed around education, digital innovation and youth entrepreneurship.  And has in the 4 years she’s served in this role, she’s been responsible for originating and managing a pan-African Investment portfolio amounting to about USD 150 million.

She is also the Program Lead of the AfDB’s Coding for Employment Program- a program run by the AfDB, the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Facebook to help prepare African youths for tomorrow’s Information and Communication technology driven jobs.

Outside of her work at the AfDB, she is the co-founder of Meet-A-Need Foundation, a group of enthusiastic professionals who believe the world can be a better place when people who have more share with those who don’t have enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, success smoothie scholars, please do make welcome today’s guest UYOYO EDOSIO


  • What is digital literacy and why is it so important for the African millennial (in particular) to be digitally literate? 
  • Looking at your career, in what 3-5 ways can you say technology has changed the way we work?
  • Drawing from your work as the AfDB’s Senior Innovation and Human Capital expert, responsible for originating and managing a pan-African investment portfolio of over USD 100 Million – a portfolio which is themed around education, digital innovation, and youth entrepreneurship, WHAT digital literacy skills does the African millennial need to excel in the workplace of the “now” and of the future and how would you advise us to go about acquiring these digital literacy skills?
  • What 3 lessons did you learn during the course of championing the AfDB’s Coding for employment program – especially with regards to the digital skills gap in Africa and how to bridge it?

Section 2: Fireside chat questions

–       What one advise has changed you life and how?

–       What’s your favourite book and why?

–       Share a quote with us that you love.

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