How To Question Your Way To Success

So on today’s episode, I’ll be sharing with you…

How to QUESTION your way to success

You see the thing is – achieving success in any area of our lives requires that we amongst other things, good at doing these 3:

  1. Good learner
  2. Good problem solver
  3. Good with people/ a people person /in Dale Carnegie’s words: “successful people know how to win friends and influence people.

And asking good questions, asking thoughtful questions helps us in learning what we need to learn at each stage of our lives in order to evolve into the next phase of our journey. The rapid changes happening in our world today, DEMAND that we be life long learners. And good learners ask good questions. Their desire to understand what is happening around them, motivates them to ask the questions that provide clarity and then understanding.

With regards to problem-solving, research shows that asking open-ended questions with multiple possibilities makes it it’s easier to come up with solutions. Hence, good problem solving / creative problem solving requires that we keep asking questions until we find the right question that leads us to the right answer, which in turn would be the creative solution to our problem.

Finally, with regards to how asking thoughtful questions helps us to win with people. Have you ever met someone for the first time, and all the while you were with them they kept talking about themselves and what they did, what they wanted, what they liked…? How did you feel about that conversation and what do you think of that person now? I doubt you enjoyed that conversation and I doubt you look forward to spending more time with such a person.

How about, when you met someone, and the person took a genuine interest in knowing you, asking thoughtful questions about you, how you felt, what you liked, what you were working on, asking about how they could help you? How did you feel about that conversation and what do you think of that person now? My guess is, without even realizing it, you thought highly of the person who engaged you in thoughtful conversation, showing by their words and questions that they were genuinely interested in your well being.

So in all three instances – being a good learner/ being a good problem solver and being good with people = all 3 of which are important skills to master in order to achieve success, we’ve seen just how asking the right questions can help us excel in all three areas.

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