This Is WHY Talent Has Very Little To Do With Success

So in today’s episode, I’ll be sharing with you the “reason why talent has very little to do with whether or not you’d be successful in any endeavor.”

And I’m on a mission to burst the talent myth on this episode of the show because, I realize that one of the reasons some of us refuse to pursue certain dreams or aspirations is because we think that we can never succeed in that endeavor – whether its build a successful online business, or win an academy award or become a New York Times best selling author, or Olympic gold medalist or whatever else, because we feel we’re not talent enough.

Well, if you’ve ever let the thought of not being talented enough to pursue something even though it could or would potentially lead to the success that you desire”, I’d like you to please listen to me,

All successful people, ALL… no matter their fields or endeavors, are successful BECAUSE OF THEIR CHOICES and not their lack or abundance of certain talents.

Research shows that what really does make successful people successful is all the various choices they make to excel in their chosen fields of endeavors – the presence or lack of natural talent notwithstanding.

2 awesome books that I’d recommend you read, which foster the idea that it’s invariably our choices and not our lack or abundance of natural talent that makes us successful are: OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell and TALENT IS NEVER ENOUGH by John C. Maxwell. These 2 books, as well as countless other books and articles,  support what it is that I just said, that it’s our choices, not our lack or

But then you may say “But Ify, talent is important isn’t it?” and my answer would be yes, talent is important only in the sense that it increases the rate at which we can improve that skill for which we already have a natural talent. But that’s really where it stops.

So I’ll use myself for an example (I think I’m one of those people who were born as good communicators. If there’s anything like that. I was never a shy kid. Was always comfortable speaking in front of audiences. I mean I had a little stage fright from time to time, but I really was the kid who got picked to represent her school in debate competitions and won because my teachers noticed I had a way with words, particularly when speaking. So yes, my natural talent in speaking/natural verbal intelligence meant that I loved English and did very well in English language.

However, any kind of skill you observe me display as I host this podcast was developed over the years. Both through formal and informal settings, I have developed my ability to speak eloquently so that whatever skills I display now, may have been easier for me to have developed but nevertheless, I still had to make the choices to hone my speaking skills.

The same thing goes for If you’re a talented writer but you make poor choices, or you’re lazy or you refuse to learn a modern form of writing or other skills like marketing that could help you position your work better. You’d still be a talented writer, but you won’t be a successful one. But if on the other hand, you really want to excel at writing and although you don’t think you have the natural writing gene in you, but then you take the courses and take every opportunity to practice as a writer even going as far as learning modern ways to position yourself as a writer, you’re bound to record more success than the talented yet lazy or indifferent writer.

Haven said all of this, I’ll move ahead to answer a question I’m guessing you already have, which is, “ok, Ify I’m sold, it’s the choices I make that’ll make me successful, so now tell me the choices already so I can start making them.” 

In my opinion, the choices that lead to success can be categorized into 4:

  1. The choice to choose “your belief”
  2. The choice to develop the right habits that would lead you to achieve the success you desire
  3. The choice to develop whatever skills necessary to achieve the success you desire
  4. The choice to develop a strong character.

Belief – that it’s important and you can achieve it

Habit: we become what we do repeatedly. It requires discipline and perseverance to excel in every and anything. In any area you want to excel in, find out the habits you need to develop or cultivate, cultivate them and success is on its way

Skill: You need to be the best and being the best requires performing at your best. There are skills you need to develop to excel in any area, find them and do what it takes, however long it takes to develop them

And finally, character. Character may be hard to define but I’d just call it, the mental and ethical traits that make you who you are. Character is important, it underpins success, it engenders the goodwill and trust from others that motivates them to help us or work with us on our climb to success. And as such, every decision or choice we make that strengthens our character would help us achieve success.

So there you have, the reasons why talent has very little to do with whether or not you’ll be successful in any endeavor. I trust you got a tonne of value from this. If you did, I’d love to hear from you! Please tell me all about what you learned in the comments.

Got any tips, thoughts or ideas to share with us on why no one should let the abundance or lack of natural talent hold them back from pursuing success? Please tell us all about that too in the comments. I and everyone else on here would love to hear all about it so do share in the comments.

Thank you so much for listening, reading and sharing your thoughts with all of us.

Your insightful questions and contributions indeed make our conversations

on here much richer and I appreciate you for that.

You indeed only live once, be sure to take the time to make sure you’re

living a truly rich and productive life.



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