A Heartfelt Prayer For The Peace Of Nigeria

Dear heavenly Father,

King of kings. Creator and Lord of the universe. The one who is, who was, who is to come. Great and mighty God. The one who’s got the heaven as His throne & the earth as His foot stool. Praise to your name precious Father. All glory, honour and adoration I give unto you.

Thank you Lord for my life and thank you Lord for the peace of Nigeria. Though so many unpleasant things have happened these past months which have threatened to disrupt the peace and stability of this nation, I thank you Lord because you have upheld this nation- Nigeria and kept her from imploding. To you alone Lord be all the glory.


Lord, this day I also thank you because in response to the promptings of your spirit, we your church in Nigeria have been praying for the peace of our nation before, during & after the coming general elections. Since then your word says to believe first that we have received whatever we ask you for, before we can receive them, I therefore thank you in faith that you have granted Nigeria peace by all means before, during & after the coming general elections, in Jesus name.

Father, in your Word we’re told that “we shall decree a thing, and it shall be established“. In that same Word we’re told that “whatsoever we ask in your name you will do for us.” Therefore, I declare that in the name of Jesus, the peace which passes human understanding shall be the portion of out nation, before, during and after these coming elections.

In addition Lord, your Word says that “if you be for us, who can be against us?” Your Word also says that “you frustrate the plans of schemers so the work of their hands will not succeed.” So dear heavenly Father in agreement with your Word, I ask that you arise against every plot of the enemy to disrupt the peace and stability of Nigeria, before, during & after these elections. Lord, for the sake of your church, thwart all of the enemy’s plans. Prove yourself mighty on behalf of your church in Nigeria. Arise in all of your glory & scatter every single plan of the enemy to disrupt the peace and stability of Nigeria, in anyway, in Jesus name.

Finally Lord, as creator and owner of all the earth, you possess the power to give the kingdoms of this world to whomever you will. In light of this I ask dear Lord, that only your choice of candidates will win the elections at all levels. Lord keep the occultic, greedy and corrupt candidates from all positions and instead, grant that capable, and selfless men & women, such as fear God will win the elections into all positions being contested in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord for hearing me as always. Even more importantly, thank you dear heavenly Father for doing much more to protect the peace & stability of my country Nigeria than I could ever ask or think. Thank you Lord because it is well with Nigeria, now and forever, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!



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