A letter to my Nation

Below is an edited version of an article I published on Facebook a short while before I started this blog. Though the central theme seems an even less important national concern in my country, I wrote it from my heart and I thought you’d love to read it. Happy reading!!!


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My beloved country Nigeria,
I am writing this note to you because in the past 2 months I have seen a storm looming in your future. One that I can now say you do not see because you have not paid attention to the world around you. I know that the distasteful events of the past 2-years; corruption, Boko Haram, flood, inflation, unemployment, crime etc, have filled your heart with despair and occupied most of your time. But I must speak now of an issue which I believe you must also address in order to protect your future and those of your children yet unborn.

For over 4-decades you have (to the chagrin of many of your children), focused all your time, energy and resources into selling the dark gold that lies beneath your land- crude oil. Your politicians have lied, maimed and killed in order to control the proceeds from its sale and your sons and daughters have shed tears and blood in order to land jobs in that sector. Even when some cried that you should reinvest the proceeds of your sale into other sectors of your economy,you turned a deaf ear and a blind eye. But alas today I must warn you that you’re running out of time.

Your once faithful customers from China, Europe and the Americas are getting ready to do with out your merchandise. They’ve gotten fed up with the negative effects of the CO2 emissions from your crude oil on their heath, climate change and bio-diversity loss. So, they have for quite sometime been exploring several other clean energy alternatives they could use to power their ever expanding national economies.

Have you heard of Hybrid cars/ electric cars/ clean energy/car sharing/higher gasoline taxes? If you haven’t, then let me inform you that those are some of the subjects your present customers are exploring in order to discourage their citizens from desiring the products that use your crude oil. Many of them now work night and day to ensure that by the year 2020 , they no longer need your ‘poisonous’ ‘CO2 emitting’ ‘Ozone layer depleting ‘ ‘global warming aggravating’ crude oil.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that we’ve got to start diversifying our economy. we can no longer continue to depend only on the foreign exchange that comes from the sale of crude oil, because very soon, fewer and fewer nations will be buying it. I also think that our petroleum engineers especially the young ones must get ready. They may be looking at some form of career change sometime in the near future.

I think I’ve said enough for now. Please do think about my warning and let me know what you think too. Talk to you some other time. The Lord be for you and against those that trouble you. Amen!



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