A prayer for my country

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Dear heavenly father,

Thank you so much for my country-Nigeria. Thank you for our leaders-both political and spiritual and thank you for the relative peace we enjoy right now as a nation. Were it not for your mercy towards us, the situation in our country would be far worse than they are right now. And for that in particular I say a very big thank you.

Lord, at the start of this year, you told us this year would be a year of ‘Exceeding Grace, Strange works and Strange acts’. Dear Lord, since I’m certain that ‘you are not a man that you would lie and neither are you the son of man that you would repent’, I therefore give you thanks because I know full well that we shall yet see the awesome manifestations of your strange works and strange acts in the affairs of our beloved country-Nigeria, this year, in Jesus’ name.

Heavenly Father, your Word instructs not only that we your children should, ‘pray without ceasing’ but more importantly, that we should ‘intercede first and foremost for all men and especially for kings and those that are in authority, so that we may live quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness’. It is for these reasons that I again call upon your holy name that you deliver our Nation from the blood thirsty men that have ravaged her for several years now.

Father rouse yourself, in all of your power and scatter every confederacy against your church in Nigeria. Father, set ambushes in the midst of these terrorists, in Jesus’ name. Yes. ‘Feed them with their own flesh and cause them to be drunken with their own blood’. And as for the wealth wherein they have trusted, Lord fulfill your Word and cause those wealth to find their way into the hands of your covenant people, in Jesus name.

At the moment Lord, the young girls who were kidnapped from their school in Chibok are on our minds. Lord by your supernatural power, let these children be found and returned home by the end of this month. Father, your Word tells us that with you NOTHING is impossible. So I ask in the name that is above every name-Jesus, that you would preserve those young girls and cause them to be supernaturally rescued even in this month of May.

More specifically Lord, I pray for Nigeria’s political leaders. I ask specifically that you expose as many of them that are teaming up with the terrorists to undermine the peace and progress of our nation. I also pray concerning the 2015 general elections, that you would cause it to be peaceful, free and fair, in Jesus name. For our President- Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Lord I ask that you strengthen and protect him and all of his household. I also ask that you grant him uncommon wisdom and courage to do what’s right for this nation.

Finally Lord, I pray for we the body of Christ in Nigeria. I ask that you strengthen us that we may not grow weary in interceding for our nation. Thank you Lord because you hear me always. All these I ask in the name of Jesus Christ our savior. AMEN!!!


Yours Truly



P.S. It’s my hope that this prayer roused in you a need to say yet another heartfelt prayer on behalf of your country. Please do not hesitate to pray, and feel free to add your own prayers in the comment box below, being fully persuaded that; God is not only able, He is willing . And that  He is not only willing, He is ready-ready at this very moment to answer, ready at this very moment to save. Shalom!!

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