Living for an audience of ‘1’


There he lay-in that same place, on that same spot all those years and no one ever offered to help. If it had not been for the hope that one day he’d be given the chance to leave that spot whole again, he would have asked someone to at least take him home. But wait a minute; did he still have a home to return to after all those years? O-o?

Then came one day, in the midst of the festivities, an unusually confident young man approached him and asked  “Are you really interested in leaving that position?” ‘Question?’ However,  his response didn’t even seem to matter, because in a few minutes, strength surged through his body as the young man screamed an unthinkable command ‘Get up! Pick up your bed and walk!’

In an instant, the invalid stood up for the first time in 38 years and picked up his bed. He couldn’t be more pleased at the miracle that had just taken place in his own life. But then there seemed to be a problem. Some leaders came up to him saying ‘sir you can’t carry you bed…Today is the Sabbath day’ to which he aptly replied ‘The man who healed me and gave me back my strength, he himself said to me, Pick up your bed and walk!

You may already know the story of the invalid man at the pool of Bethesda (John5:1-12). What you may not have realized is that, that man unlike many Christians, knew exactly where his orders came from-from the man who had set him free from bondage.

The older I get, the more people I see who want to be called children of God/Christian but who also desperately desire to be accepted or adored by the people in the world. Yet at the same time, I see unbelievers who don’t give a hoot about what Christians think about them! Isn’t that an irony. We, children of God, joint heirs with Christ, the salt of the earth and light of the world, living like the world while professing to be children of God just so the world would accept us. YET, unbelievers carry on with their evil business, enjoying every bit of their trip to hell without being bother about what the Bible says or what we Christians think about their choices and or actions.

Children of God let’s face it. We’re ‘aliens’ in this world. As children of God and Jesus’ siblings, the world will not accept us. They’ll mock us, fight us, speak evil against us and do all manner of evil against us JUST like they did to our elder brother and Lord-Jesus Christ. Trying to please ungodly people is only a waste of time. Not only are we living in the light and them in the dark (so they’re the ones to envy us and imitate us not vice versa), at the end we will give an account to our savior. That invalid man didn’t get into an unnecessary argument with the Pharisees; he simply let them know that now that he’d been set free from bondage, he was only going to take his orders from one person and one person only-the man who set him free.

In other words, that invalid man had made up his mind to live for an audience of ‘1’. It no longer mattered what everyone else thought, said or did, he was going to do only what his deliverer asked him to do. You and I need to live our lives like that also. We need to make a conscious decision to live according to Christ’s standards and not according to what’s popular or culturally acceptable. We must always remember that as children of God, we take our orders from a different source and much more importantly, at the end we will all have to give an account to Christ concerning our choices while on this side of heaven.

As for me, I have decided to live for an audience of ‘1’. Not only is it far easier to live to please just one person than to live trying to please 2/more people (the greater the number of people you’re trying to please the more impossible it becomes), Jesus did much more for me than he did for that invalid man who’d been paralyzed for over 30 years- Jesus saved me from sin and all its consequences. Omo! I owe him my life and that’s exactly what I intend to give him by his grace.  What about you?


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